Pokesniper Apk: Download v1.23 For Android & iOS (No-Ads Official App)

Pokesniper Apk : PokeSniper apk generates coordinates of the Pokemon’s location for the famous android game Pokemon Go. Pokesniper is a website that helps you locate your desired Pokemon without even walking out the door. It lets find the rarest Pokemon in your area without getting you soft banned. Using Poke Sniper the Pokemon Go game becomes not only easy but also a lot more fun.

Pokesniper Apk Download Latest Version For Android & iOS:

Pokesniper apk is also available as an application for both android and smartphone devices. This app provides you with the list of the rare Pokemon along with their coordinates and remaining minutes before they disappear. Using this application you don’t have to walk around the city all day long to catch your favorite Pokemon.

Poke sniper Apk Download For Android & iOS

Poke sniper Apk Download For Android & iOS


Features of PokeSniper Apk:

  • You can filter the given list and search for the Pokemon you want to catch.
  • Easy copy option by just tapping on the coordinates
  • PokeSniper allows you to teleport from one area to another with a single tap and allows you to catch Pokemon without walking.
  • One of the best features comes with this app is that risk of getting soft banned is minimum, unlike other similar apps (that can get you soft banned or permanent ban).

What is Pokemon Go:

Pokemon Go is a location based augmented virtual reality game that allows the player to find and get fictional creatures called Pokemon. Players can even summon captured Pokemon to battle with another player. As the player progresses through the game he/she can train their Pokemon to get better. Pokemon Go uses your mobile’s GPS, your location, and your smartphone’s camera. Unlike most of the android games, you will have to walk or run on the street or even drive to play this game.

This game is based on the famous fictional characters of the popular anime series Pokemon. This game is developed by Niantic and Pokemon Company. Since its launch, the Pokemon Go has over 100 million downloads making it one of the best reality based games ever.

Poke sniper Apk Download For Android & iOS

Poke sniper Apk Download For Android & iOS

What’s the role of Pokesniper Apk in Pokemon Go:

Pokemon Go requires its player to walk out of their home, search on streets and locate their favorite Pokemon.  But for those players who want to locate the Pokemon without much hassle, there are some 3rd party mapping apps that help the player to locate their Pokemon quite easily.

Poke sniper is also a mapping website that reveals the location of your Pokemon and does the job for you. This method can gradually increase your score and level throughout the game.

How does PokeSniper Apk work On Android & iOS:

The procedure is fairly simple and is carried out in few steps as mentioned below—

  • Open your android browser and search for pokesnipers.com
  • Go through the list and copy the coordinates or code for the Pokemon you would like to find
  • Now you will need a fake GPS app, you can download and install it from here.
  • Once you have a GPS app (fake one) open it and paste the code in the GPS app’s search button
  • The GPS app will give you the location of your Pokemon
  • You will see a play button, hit it and open Pokemon Go.
  • Your chosen Pokemon will be visible near you.

Installing PokeSniper app on your android/ios smartphone:

Since is PokeSniper is an app that provides an unfair shortcut for Pokemon Go, so this is app unavailable at Google Play Store. You can download the app and manually install it on your mobile. Below is the step by step procedure to install and use Poke Sniper-

  • First, you have to download the PokeSniper’s APK file
  • As soon as the download is complete, go to your security settings and turn on the option ‘Installation from unknown sources’
  • Now you can initiate the installation directly from the APK file
  • Once the installation is completed, you can use Poke Sniper by following the same process when using the website.
Poke sniper Apk Download For Android & iOS

Poke sniper Apk Download For Android & iOS

With the help of Poke Sniper apk/app, you can also play Pokemon Go on your Personal Computer. All you need is an Android Emulator like BlueStacks. Once you have downloaded and installed the Bluestacks emulator just follow the given steps-

  • Launch Bluestacks from the start menu or desktop icon.
  • Login to Google Play Store using your Google account.
  • Now, since PokeSniper is not available on Google Play Store you can download it.
  • Once the APK file is downloaded, locate it and install it in the Bluestacks Player
  • Or you can also right-click on the APK file directly and choose the Bluestacks installer.
  • Now, you need to install the Pokemon Go game on Bluestacks.
  • You can search it and install it directly from the Google Play Store.
  • Now, you can enjoy Pokemon Go on your Personal Computer without even walking a single step.

What is Softban?

In case if you use a cheat code or any unfair shortcut that violates the rules of any particular game, the game developer company can ban you or suspend your account from their game, this kind of ban is referred as a soft ban. The softban is temporary, as it only lasts for a couple of hours.  

Poke sniper Apk Download For Android & iOS

Poke sniper Apk Download For Android & iOS

Since there have been many 3rd party mapping apps and websites that violate Niantic policy, the company has started to soft banning Pokemon Go players when they use tricky tools to locate their Pokemon.

Tips for recovering from Softban:

Even if the softban is temporary, you can always recover from it. Below mentioned are the two methods of recovering from soft ban-

  • Repeatedly clicking the Pokemon spin nearly 40 times will unban you from the game and you will be able to go and catch Pokemon again.
  • You can appeal to Pokemon Go developers team to unban you in case if you haven’t used any of the false shortcuts and you have been wrongly soft banned.


Poke Sniper apk or app is a useful app for those who insist on playing the game and reaching the top in the minimum amount of time. Using Poke Sniper’s app or website will make the game a lot easier but by doing this you will miss the real fun of this game. Pokemon Go has been offered for free by Niantic and the Pokemon Company so people could walk out of their home and enjoy a bit of adventure while searching for their favorite Pokemon.if you face any problem let us know through comments

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